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30 January 2010

Upcoming Shows

Hi all,

I've got some work in a couple group shows next month. They definitely came at the right time. I am only now feeling settled in my new life in Raleigh and I haven't been able to produce as I would like. Yes, five or six months have flown by but its all been pretty good from an art perspective. Both shows are based on a theme which is awesome, and different for me. I have been a part of only one themed show before and I enjoy the variety and challenges they pose.

The first show is based on the theme of " a la cARTe", emphasis on the art, naturally. The Peterson Cody Gallery in Santa Fe is one among 45 galleries that work with the local restaurant scene, combining their efforts for a city wide event. Each gallery is coupled up with a restaurant and together they provide an exchange of culinary and visual arts, bordering on an education. I wish I could attend, drink all the wine, and be inspired by the work throughout the city.

This set of paintings is my contribution. I did the painting on the left with the female character first, really trying to create that sense of movement as a subway train rushes in and out of the station. After I finished the painting it I wanted to extend the scene, push the perspective, and carry it onto another canvas. ( I took the pictures, sorry. There is a bit of glare on the right side of each painting. I am rubbish at this but I think I have it now solved the problem by putting this task in the hands of a talented photographer. I know its not genius but harder to find one who deals with art than you'd think.)

The show will hang throughout the month of February:
The Peterson Cody Gallery

The second show is at the Robert Lange Studios in Charleston,SC. As you can see with the flyer the theme was Black vs. White . . . . .oooooh controversial. No, not really. I was seriously excited to tackle some subject matter with a limited palette and what is more limited than Black and White. I also stripped away the human element of my work and went strictly with architecture. Just one more factor in finding new subject matter, and its relevance and importance to artistic growth. My image appears in the web promo below on the bottom far right. (The facade of a building getting hit with light.) I've got a total of four paintings in the show, so go see their website come February 2nd to see all the great work.

This show too will be up for the entire month.
Robert Lange Studios

I have posted these new paintings up on my website, so have a look, but don't forget to check out all the other artists on display with the links above. Once the shows are up I will breakdown the palettes for each one considering I didn't use just black and white for the one show. There are subtle mixtures of color used differently in each painting.

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j prince said...

josh, I am now officially following your blog, I really like your work. I piece of yours that tara sent me is up on my wall (boxing gloves). your stuff from new york is great!

The Lady said...

I'm surpeise in your work
Now i'm a new follower and , if you want can use your pictures in my collages? plase go to see my stream at
the set it's "una non basta"
Thanks e Complimenti!!!!