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26 July 2010

Charleston Gallery Round Up

Here's a good run down of the various art on offer in Charleston this month, albeit we are now towards the tail end of it. Better late th . . . a . . . . . . . n . . . . . . . . . . .

Nice little bit with me and Charles Williams about the show, plus you might discover other artists or galleries that make you feel good, in the right way, not the wrong, or perhaps both. Now I'm confused. Oh its late, I'll cut out the euphemisms because I am tired and I will probably mix them up, leading to more waffling.

Charleston Gallery Review

I'd like to say thank you to Amy Mercer at the Charleston City Paper for the write up.

Some dead hummingbirds, maybe they'll pop up in a still life.

That's all for you lot. Till next time.

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